UTB/TSC Reaction to Austin Campus Shooting

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 8:30am

Campus police officers were on stand-by of offer any help to the Austin campus police after a suspect fired a weapon inside the campus library and then killed himself.

John Cardoza, Chief of Police at UTB/TSC in Borwnsville, says that his department has an alerting system in place in case any local emergencies on campus. "A message is sent out via the Internet, which is our voice system, and they'll get a message on their work stations, they'll get a message on their phones, in their office. We're working on getting text messages which will be included in the system we have in place, in the very near future, a message would say given the example which happened in Austin. The message would say ' there's a shooter on campus at xyz building seek shelter.'"

The campus police department has regular practice drills and safety seminars with campus faculty to help them prepare in case of an emergency.

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