UTB's first day ever as stand-alone campus

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POSTED: Monday, August 26, 2013 - 3:48pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 7:15am

UTB's first day on its own as a stand-alone campus, separate from Texas Southmost College, was a wet one. But, that didn't affect the significant student/faculty turnout the institution saw today.

"I saw students and faculty and staff all arrive early eager to find their new location for their classes or where there offices were located. It's an exciting time for UT-Brownsville," said UTB's executive director of enrollment, Nikki Hodgson.

Regardless of the hustle and bustle that usually comes with the first day of school, rain and traffic seemed to be the only hiccup for students.

"I'm from Harlingen, so it was raining really bad and by the time I got to Brownsville, there was a lot of traffic," said UTB student Arlene Magallanes.

"I didn't know the bus system yet so I just walked over," said UTB student Gigi Alce.

"Despite the wet weather, about 8700 students showed up for their first day and UTB's first ever day as a stand-alone campus."

"My first day of school was pretty fast. I've only had one class so far that ended in like 30 minutes," said UTB student Marco Carrillo.

"I have two classes back to back and in the same classroom," said Alce.

Although UTB and TSC will now be their own institutions, students from both schools will still be able to use their other institutions' facilities like the library and rec center.

"Texas Southmost College will be a separate institution, but its wonderful. It's wonderful for the community to have a community college and then again have a university. So I think it's a win-win situation for the community and I know both groups are looking forward to educating our youth," said Hodgson.

Reporting in Brownsville, Marty Watson, KVEO News Center 23.

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