UTB students volunteer their time on MLK Day

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 10:02am

On a day when many were off work and from classes, hundreds of UTB students decided to get out and make a difference, Na'Tassia Finley reports many are honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Katherine Salazar, UTB Student Volunteer, "We all know Martin Luther King was a big leader in his community and I think that also gives us the opportunity for us to be really good leaders in our community and step up and lead."

Just over two dozen UTB students lent a hand on Monday at the Gladys Porter Zoo, out of several hundred across the city as a way to give back. Zoo officials say while the projects are small, they'll actually have a pretty big impact on the zoo.

Volunteers helped with making enrichment toys for the animals, cleaning cages and picking up trash on the grounds. The zoo, which charges, is technically classified as a non-profit. Officials say the money made at the gate goes right back into the zoo and care of animals, no additional profit is truly made. So having extra manpower to work on these small projects, by way of volunteering, is a plus.

Katherine Salazar, "I think a lot of the time, not just students, but living our daily lives, everyone kind of becomes desensitized to community and especially in a place like Brownsville. We're not too small, not too big either, so there are a lot of opportunities to get together and make the community stronger and that's a goal of ours."

Salazar says ultimately the student volunteers working on various projects across the city want to better Brownsville not only for the current residents, but in hopes that our city becomes more attractive to outsiders.

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