UTB students register to become bone marrow matches

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 8:38am

Filling out a five minute health questionnaire and a few swabs of the cheek could lead to saving a person's life, Zack Moore did, he's now working as a be the Match Recruitment Consultant these days and runs Bone Marrow Registries like the one being held on the UTB campus this week.

Just four years ago, he himself was a donor after joining the registry though an event similar to this one, on his college campus, "About six months later, for the rest of their life."

Bone marrow is needed to make blood cells, patients that need bone marrow are usually those with blood disorders or blood cancer.

The regional marrow consultant for the organization, "Be the Match," says universities are great places to sign people up for the registry. Those 18 to 44 are eligible to swab, but the younger the match, the better, "When we see a potential donor come up as a match, usually the doctor prefers to have a younger donor, it's a better outcome for the recipient."

Officials say there are about ten and a half million people on the registry right now, but only about 10 percent of those registered are Hispanic. There's a real push to diversify the registry, so more in need, can be helped.

After signing up for the registry, you may be called, you may not. Officials say about 1 in 525 are actually a match to a patient who is in need of a marrow transplant. Your match is kept in the registry until you turn 61 years-old.

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