US Coast Guard on SPI Inspecting Boats

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 4:49pm

We are on board with the US Coast Guard patrolling bayside.
Boats on the water are required to have certain safety equipment.

"Some basic safety equipment would be life jackets some kind of distress signal, it could be a whistle, a life ring if someone falls off the boat."

"The coast guard patrols the water 7 days a week making sure boats like this have safety equipment on it, a busy day they could inspect 20-30 boats."

We end up pulling over this boat to inspect them.

"I am officer Saldana with the Coast Guard we are going to do a recreational safety boarding today making sure with your in compliance with a a federal safety regulations."

"I need to see 4 life jackets one for each of you."

The boaters do have the life jackets on boat.

"A throwable seat cushion, a life preserver."

That is something to boaters don't have.

"Do you have a whistle or horn, we have a horn."

While officer Saldana is going through a checklist of safety items
Another coast guard officer is writing up the report.
Once the report is complete officer Saldana tells the boaters what they are missing.

"What it says is your type 4 wasn't available that's your storable seat cushion this is a written warning."

The boaters are then on their way.

Saldana says it was a normal day on water and encourages boaters to make sure they have all their safety equipment on board.

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