Unwelcome Guests

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 8:34am

Heat and drought have snakes and other vermin seeking shelter inside Texas homes.

Scorpions, spiders and snakes.

Those are just three of the dozens of unwanted guests making their way into Texas neighborhoods.

Wildlife experts said the extreme heat and drought has dried up much of the food source for area creatures, causing them to look for food and water elsewhere, specifically near homes.

"When you think about it, it's so dry out there that the only moisture is with a sprinkler system," says Michael Bohdan with The Pest Shop in Plano.

"They're all over. They're all over Dallas-Fort Worth," says Matt Evans with A-Wildlife Pro.

Evans said the main problem he's dealt with is armadillos, pointing to a yard where little holes are scattered everywhere.

"In this case you can see, this whole area has just been shredded by an armadillo," Evans says.

Homeowners also need to be wary of snakes, hiding near water sources like hoses and outdoor faucets.

Evans said many, such as the Texas Rat Snake are not poisonous.

However, some can be.

"It's gonna be like a copperhead. Those are the ones that send people to the hospital. It's a venomous animal and common to Texas."

Evans says when dealing around your yard, the best thing to do is wear gloves and watch where you're stepping or putting your hands.

In order to keep things like spiders and scorpions out, homeowners want to make sure to seal their house, including doors and windows, as much as possible.

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