United By Skype

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 2:29pm

Man working in Iraq witnesses the birth of his twins via Skype.

The iPad's screen is roughly ten inches, but Jon Zimbelman used one to see something so large, so important, there's no way to measure it.

"Amazing, absolutely amazing," said Jon.

A world away in Iraq, Zimbelman tuned in as his wife gave birth to twins.

"The support person was sitting on the stool where he would have been and the iPad was his head where it should have been," said North Valley Hospital Birth Center Manager Cindy Walp.

Walp knew Jon was working as a technician in Iraq and couldn't make it home because of problems with his visa, so she gave the go-ahead.

"I have a smile on my face again. I'm just happy he got to be there. I knew it would it would bother him for the rest of his life if he didn't get to see the birth," said Erin Zimbelman.

"Love is not a big enough word to describe what you feel when you get to see your kids come into this world," said Jon Zimbelman.

As Jon finishes his work in Iraq, Erin has her own work at home, but luckily, the twins seem to be helping out.

"They've been amazing. I got six full hours of sleep last night and was only up for one hour and got another five hours. They're just perfect," said Erin.

Jon hopes to make it back home to Montana for Thanksgiving to see the twins without a screen between them.

Until then, he'll use the iPad to be a part of his family's lives

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