Uncommon Heroism

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 9:28am

Good Samaritans lift burning car off severely wounded motorcyclist.

Minutes after witnessing a fiery roadside crash in Logan, Utah a group of Good Samaritans raced to rescue motorcyclist Brandon Wright, pinned underneath a burning car.

The miraculous rescue, captured on video, begins with one man getting down on the ground and spotting Brandon underneath.

Soon others rush in.

Together they found the strength to lift the car and save the 21-year-old's life.

"We saw the body, we had, we had to help him," said Anvar Suyundikov.

Wright is in critical condition in a Utah hospital.

His family says he's lucky to be alive.

His uncle says brandon was aware of what was going on the entire time.

"He does remember the crash happening and he says he does remember being under the car, spitting up blood and not being able to talk and he says he was really scared," Tyler Riggs told reporters Tuesday.

Scared, and now grateful for the brave acts of his rescuers who persevered and preserved his life.

Family members say Brandon suffered some broken bones and road rash, but did not suffer any head trauma.

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