Two women died in Harlingen accident.

POSTED: Tuesday, October 6, 2009 - 8:49am

UPDATED: Monday, October 13, 2014 - 1:41pm

A Friday night crash in Harlingen killed two young women from Willacy county.

Police say 19 year-old Samantha Jane Cardenas of Raymondville and 21 year-old Amy Nicole Guerrero of Lyford died at the intersection of Loop 499 and East Grimes. Police think Cardenas may have caused the crash from the investigation that indicates Guerrero, driving a Mazda Protege ran a red light and hit a Chevy Silverado. Emergency crews transported the two passengers in the Silverado, a Harlingen high cheerleader and football player, to the hospital.

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Your article is wrong, she didn't run a red light, she was turning onto Grimes from S. Loop 499, there is no proof she didn't have the right of way. The video from the corner store shows only one traffic signal and that is W. bound Grimes Rd.(its red).The witness police used, arrived at the scene 35 sec. later, they refused to use the eye witnesses in the vehicle in intersection directly next to Samantha's car. This case was pushed quickly through the court system, it will all come to light

Cezar Martinez Jr, the driver of the truck that killed my daughter and her friend, he was speeding at a est 68mph in a 55mph zone, he had his first speeding ticket with a provisional licence then while doing community service for his first speeding ticket he recieved another speeding ticket while still on probation period for his first , on Oct 2 , 2009 he should have recieved his 3rd speeding ticket, a trip to jail and manslaughter charges for killing Samantha and Amy. All these speeding incid

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