Two Weeks And Counting

Monday, October 18, 2010 - 2:54pm

Campaigning ahead of midterm elections enters the final stretch.

They "hate" each other.

That's how one analyst described a lot of candidates in the intensifying midterm election fight, and the Tea Party factor is adding to the emotion.

A Tea Party campaign rally kicked off Monday by Sarah Palin in Nevada, where Tea Partier Sharron Angle could topple Democratic Senate Leader Garry Reid.

Tea Party emotion spans the nation.

In Kentucky Tea Party Senate candidate Rand Paul says he's angry after Democratic opponent Jack Conway questioned his faith, saying Paul "called the Holy Bible a hoax" in his youth.

The Tea Party Republican refused to shake the Democrat's hand after a Sunday night debate and now says future debates may not happen.

"We haven't fully decided but I am, not sure I'm gonna appear in public with someone who's
going to question my religion," Paul said afterwards.

"You know you see it on cable, you see it on talk radio, you see it everywhere, but people just feel like, I would say, as far as a kind of hatred for the other side," notes Politico's Andy Barr.

Can Barack and Michelle Obama change the tone or save some seats for their Democrats?

A lot is at stake.

In federal court Monday Virginia's Tea Party backed attorney general argued that Obama healthcare reform is unconstitutional for requiring all Americans to buy insurance.

A new vote on healthcare could be ahead if voters give Republicans a House majority.

There's bad news for Democrats from the most recent Associated Press poll: Of those who voted for President Obama in 2008, only half say they will definitely show up to vote this time.

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