Two Valley Schools Are In Line For A $75 Thousand Dollar Classroom Makeover


POSTED: Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 11:21am

UPDATED: Friday, November 11, 2011 - 2:41pm

Find out who they are and how you can help them win!

LA JOYA - Oscar Garcia teachers 7th grade math at Dr. Javier Saenz Middle School in La Joya. Earlier in the year, he got an email about a contest where kids could win $75 thousand for their classroom. So he decided to see if his students wanted to compete.

"I introduced it to the kids, and the kids got excited. and they actually wanted to do it, and they were the ones pushing me," said Garcia, teacher.

To compete the students had to make a video using a song they rewrote the lyrics to or they could make up a song themselves.

"We chose party rockers, and because it is fun, and because it had shuffling in it, and most of the kids knew how to shuffle," said Ashley Campos, student. 

And whether it was the shuffling or the creative editing, the judges liked what they saw. The students have been placed in the top five of all middle schools in the country.

But to win, they must also receive support from voters.

To vote visit:

To vote for Dr. Javier Saenz Middle, click on the "eRevolution DJSMS La Joya ISD
" video. Voting ends December 5th, 2011. 

And while you are voting for Dr. Javier Saenz Middle, also vote for Olmito Elementary in Brownsville. They have made the top five in the country for Elementary schools. Their video is "eInstruction, Rescue Me!"

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I just sent this news piece to my Vice President of Marketing. I am doing my best to help Los Fresnos and La Joya win. KEEP VOTING !!!

Thank you

Frank Diaz
eInstruction Rep-RGV

It is so great to see that so many people are ready to help us out. La Joya is a great district that is always ready to help teachers with what we need in the classroom and also encourage our kids to always aim high. Please help us and keep in mind that our kids always need to see or hear input about what they do. So, thank you parents for encouraging our kids to dream the dream and work hard to obtain it. Please vote and help our kids win because right now money doesn't hurt. Thank you so much

The time it takes to vote is about 2 minutes! I already did it, and those 2 minutes can change these students lives forever! Come on Valley, We can HELP THEM!

Thank you News Center 23 and Valley Residents for your support and your votes!!! from Dr. Javier Saenz Middle School.

It is so exciting to see the kids recieve the recognition they deserve. They are awesome!

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