Two Men Charged with Marijuana Possession in La Joya

Friday, January 7, 2011 - 10:02am

LA JOYA - Wednesday morning La Joya Police conducted a traffic stop with a Black SUV. The vehicle was pulled over in the Whataburger parking lot off Expressway 83 for a minor traffic violation. But this routine stop led police to find much more.

"Upon making contact with the driver, he noticed that the driver appeared nervous. So he then in turn got him out of the vehicle and started asking him questions, it lead up to the arrest of him having like seven or eight bundles of, small bundles of marijuana," said Lieutenant Julian Gutierrez, La Joya Police.

The original reason for the traffic stop was to inform the driver that the tinting on the windows was too dark. It wasn't until the officer walked up to the drivers side and looked in the vehicle that he saw the drugs.

Several bundles of marijuana were stuffed into what looked like a baby care bag on the floor.

The two men, Ricardo Morales, 28, and Jose Villarreal, 25, were charged this morning for possession of marijuana.

La Joya Police said this is the first bust of 2011.

"This is the beginning of the year, and before you know, this is a time where they start moving it. So... And it's not the first rodeo, these guys have done this before, I believe the driver had been arrested several times already for possession and trafficking," said Gutierrez.

Both men's bonds are set at $200 thousand each.

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