Twin pandas born at Zoo Atlanta

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 1:57pm

Twin pandas welcomed at Zoo Atlanta.

It's a celebration times two in Georgia for twin panda cubs born at Zoo Atlanta.

Reporter Steve Gehlbach shows us how they're making sure mama panda Lun Lun takes care of both of her babies.

Lun Lun cradles and nurses one twin at a time.

Although newborn giant pandas aren't so cute and cuddly just yet.

"They're basically a pink blob with very little hair, their eyes aren't open, they've got a good set of lungs, they squeal really loud."

And we heard it?

One baby wasn't happy, until mom switches position.

Zoo Atlanta's Deputy Director Doctor Dwight Lawson says they didn't know lun lun was having two babies...

"Until tonight, yeah."

"You didn't know?"

"No idea."

Lun Lun went into labor around five and gave birth less then hour and half later.

This is the first set of twin giant pandas born in the U.S. In 26 years.

But it's actually not that uncommon.

"The trick is in the wild they don't raise both twins, so they would ignore one and only raise one of the twins."

But Zoo Atlanta works with Lun Lun to raise both.

One is kept in incubator like this, while she cares for the other.

They then switch out the babies every few hours.

Lun Lun does have experience as a mother.

This is the 15 year old pandas fourth and fifth cubs.

But it's tricky keeping not just one, but both alive.

The tiny pandas are very fragile.

"Really every hour is key. It won't be till we're a couple weeks, a month or two into this we'll be able to breathe easy."

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