Tween Busts Thief

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 12:29pm

Laptop trap catches sticky-fingered real estate agent.

A 12-year-old California girl set up her laptop web-camera to try and catch her sisters going through her room while she way not home.

Instead police say she videotaped a real estate agent stealing her stuff.

Hallie Pritchard says she positioned her laptop camera perfectly to catch the thief.

The computer savvy tween didn't know her parents had scheduled a last minute open house with a realtor.

What ended up happening next caught everyone by surprise.

The recording revealed a man rifling through Hallie's drawers.

Police identified as douglas John Calandrella, a former real estate agent previously convicted in 2010 of stealing from open houses and selling the goods on eBay.

Police say Calandrella sold more than 50 stolen items and got caught when a victim bought his own property online.

Calandrella had an accomplice who kept the Pritchard's real estate agents distracted while he made his way through the house.

The Pritchards turned over the video to the real estate agents showing their home.

They recognized him and contacted police.

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