Turkey Stuffing TSA

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 10:47am

While millions will travel for Thanksgiving, many will have an added headache this year -- invasive security checks at airports by the TSA.

For many on the way to grandma’s this year, is a detour straight through the debate between body showing scanners or new pat downs that leave nothing to the imagination.

Polls show most are OK with the additional screening

"Just the world we live in so I'd rather be safe than sorry", says flier Matt Siebert.

But a loosely organized movement encouraging passengers to opt out of the scanners today, is forcing the TSA to do more hands on pat downs.

This movement could in turn jam up the system on one of the busiest days of the year.

"I want to get attention and educate folks", says Opt-out organizer Brian Sodergren.

But for the government that has agreed to do fewer random pat downs, the point remains that from the shoe bomber to the alleged underwear bomber, and recent attempts to hide bombs in air cargo, planes are still a target.

They say a protest will ultimately punish passengers.

"My concern is people that opt out will cause other people to miss their flights", warned John Pistole, TSA Administrator.

For 42.2 million Americans, home for the holidays means hitting the roads this year -- that's up 11.4 percent

Although fighting traffic is no holiday, many drivers are happy to be avoiding the TSA treatment.

"I have a lot of personal space issues so I would really dread being patted down", says driver Margie Hunssinger.

Few holiday trips will be without lines.

From traffic jams to baggage check -- and now the fine one between security and privacy.

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