Turbulence Tosses Flights

Monday, October 3, 2011 - 12:10pm

Passengers on two planes injured during severe turbulence.

Passengers were injured on two flights that arrived in Boston Sunday night after going through severe turbulence.

The first flight was a JetBlue plane coming into Logan from San Juan Puerto Rico.

The second flight, a Lufthansa plane that took off from Charlotte bound for Germany, was diverted to Boston because several people were hurt mid-flight.

Injured passengers limped off flights when they arrived at Logan airport.

“At one point we really dropped, it was like a roller coaster ride. It was serious,” one passenger said.

128 passengers were on board the evening flight, some were thrown from their seats.

“Apparently some people didn’t have their seat belts on and I think those may have been the ones that were hurt,” another passenger said.

People on that flight said it got so hectic up there one passenger had to translate over the loud speaker to the Spanish-speaking passengers on the plane.

Another passenger was a physician and helped out with the injuries.

Upon landing, nine people were evaluated, mostly for neck and back pain.

“I mean it was scary, I’ve never stayed awake for a flight before, I stayed awake all the way through. I was just praying," a passenger said.

No one on board was seriously hurt.

“This was out of the blue and it was just a huge drop,” a passenger said.

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