Tug Boat Sinks in Port Isabel Releasing Diesel Fuel

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 8:57am

You can clearly see in the water near the Southpoint Marina a red substance. The Texas General Land Office says this is diesel fuel.

"Upon our our investigation we found a tug boat had sank releasing an undetermined amount of diesel into the water."

The Texas General Land Office says the boat is currently on the bottom of the water near the Cemex plant. The Land Office says they have put several booms in the water within a mile radius to contain the diesel.

"What we are doing is getting back trucks in the area to pull this diesel out of the water in the Southpoint area in two locations and it's not going anywhere, right now it is virtually contained."

"I am just a couple feet away from the water and you can really smell the diesel that was released from the tug boat that sank."

"You can smell the vapors coming off, what it is in the lighter end of diesel, it's in the disposition phase but any for people who have respiratory problems, we want to keep those people out of the area as a precautionary."

At this time the land office says no wildlife has been harmed. The Land Office is working with the owner of the tug boat to get the boat pulled out from the bottom of the water. The Texas General Land Office says they are also working to get the diesel removed from the water. The investigation continues on how the tug boat sank. At this time no one has been cited for the spill.

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Thanks for covering this nasty spill Matt and KVEO-couldn't find internet coverage anywhere else and it is important that ALL oil spills are made public

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