TSAProof Undies

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 9:55am

Kentucky company unveils underwear that hides "private parts" from TSA scanners.

Airport security has gotten too close for comfort for many travelers, and a Kentucky businessman is hoping to cash in with his plan to keep privates private.

Before boarding flights, travelers may opt for full-body scanners that see through clothing or a pat-down by security personnel.

Marc Carey of Erlanger, Kentucky has created garments that he says can blur the scanners in certain parts of the wearer's body.

"This is what I considered to be a reasonable compromise between the scanners and the pat-downs to kind of let the TSA do their job but still preserve people's individual dignity," said Carey, owner of Scanner Shirts.

He said the T-shirts and underwear are intended to be worn as undergarments.

"We wanted to do something that would blur out your private body parts so we found an ink and tested it, that shows when you go through these full-body scanners it will provide a blur, like you might be familiar with television or movies," Carey said.

Carey said several people wore Scanner Shirts over the holidays and reported no trouble getting through airport security, but TSA officials said the garments could be cause for additional screening.

TSA spokesman Jim Fotenos said agents can call for additional screening if any anomalies are spotted on a full-body scan.

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