Trick or Treat Wedding Ring

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 9:00am

Widow's lost wedding ring is found in a child's trick-or-treat candy stash.

A Washington, DC area widow lost her wedding ring while giving out candy on Halloween. However after she posted on her community's website the story has a happy ending.

79-year-old Carolyn Mauck was worried sick Sunday night after loosing her wedding ring while handing out candy. Not only is it valuable, but it reminds her of her husband who passed away last year.

Carolyn Mauck says "I lost weight and it was loose. I knew it was loose, but I didn't know it would go over my knuckle. It just slipped off my finger when I put the candy in the bucket."

Problem was she didn't know whose bucket it was in.

Down the block two-year-old Jack Stewart and his four-year-old brother Sam had just come home from their trick-or-treating fun.

Before attacking their goodies, their mom made sure to inspect their candy. That's when she made the discovery of a lifetime.

Mother Michaela Sims Stewart says "we dumped out the candy and as soon as I dumped out Cookie Monster's bucket the ring literally popped up."

These two neighbors only live five houses from each other, but after trick-or-treating for blocks Sunday night, the Stewart's had no idea who the wedding band belonged to. Luckily, this neighborhood is linked through something called a "listerv". Essentially, it's a Yahoo! group where members can post messages.

That might Ms. Mauck went online asking anyone in the community if they had seen her ring.

Michaela Sims Stewart says "I immediately responded saying 'I was just about to post about this and we have it and we'll return it tomorrow."

Monday afternoon with the ring in hand the stewart's came back to the house, this time the little ones delivered the treat.

Carolyn Mauck says "very happy, I am going to take it a jeweler and have it resized so it won't happen again."

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