Train Crash

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 8:17am

Authorities release the 911 call from a deadly children's ride accident in South Carolina.

The driver of a children's train that flipped over killing one of the kids allegedly told police he knew he was going too fast. This is just one of the new developments authorities are releasing in the investigation into what caused the deadly crash in South Carolina over the weekend.

A 911 caller says "the train here at Cleveland Park is overturned into the ditch on Asheville Highway. The whole train is flipped over."

And from there the 911 calls flooded in.

A 911 caller says "kids are in the water, on the stones, everything."

More than 30 callers, begging for help.

A 911 caller says "The whole train was full, the whole train."
"The train was full?" "Yes! And it derailed and they're over in the ravine. They need help now."

There were 28 passengers on board. One of them, six-year-old Benji Easler, died. Today, a report released by Spartanburg public safety details a conversation between a police officer and the train conductor who was visually shaken and upset. According to the report, the conductor says he knew better than to drive the train that fast, and that he would go slow on the first lap. Go a bit faster on the second lap and it was on the third lap that he opened it up to go faster.

According to the report, the conductor says that when he crossed onto the bridge he felt the back end of the engine come off the track and the next thing he knew he was off the rails and into the creek. The report quotes the conductor saying he didn't know how he was going to live with himself or how he would go on living.

A 911 caller says "the train derailed, and there's little boys and little girls and they need help now."

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