Town Hall Meeting Over Proposed Airline To Brownsville


POSTED: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 9:55pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 9:04am

Inside the Amigoland Convention Center the Brownsville mayor Pat Ahumada hosted a town hall meeting.
The purpose: for the public to hear all about Public Charters and Fly Frontera.
The city council will soon vote on a proposed contract with the airline.
It would bring the airline to Brownsville and provide service to Tampico and Monterrey.

"Its creates jobs and brings in money from the outside also provides safe travel to go into Mexico."

Representatives from the proposed airline had the chance to explain what the airline is all about.

"The goal of public charters is to fill the air with 30 people 13 times a week and will generate 40,000 passengers that will spent money to support Brownsville as a city."

Under the proposed contract the city would provide a 2.5 million dollar incentive.

"This a great opportunity for the city we did the same with Continental airlines we subsidized them with 3.5 million dollars."

During the town hall meeting people had a chance to express their opinion.

"I am bringing jobs from around the border and taking them into Mexico, nobody is giving me money I don't have a politician going to meetings and lobbying for me."
"You're spending taxpayer dollars and we the people are tired of it."
"I am for airlines we need to make this the best deal for the us at this time."
"Everyone is questioning it because we don't go through the process of transparency and accountability."

City council tabled the vote on this proposal during April 5th meeting for 25 days.

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For the last 40 years, Mcallen has benefitted from a super highway from Monterrey to Mcallen. McAllen has boomed because of the demographics to Monterrey. With the roads being hijacked by cartels and Zetas, this route is cut off. I say we own the skies for the next forty years and spark the economic growth and job creation that Brownsville desperately needs. $130 dollars to get here is a steal for mexican tourists and investors. It is our time, Brownsville's time!!!!

Not everyone is questioning this project. Most citizens call me and urge me to vote for this project. As commissioners, we are challenged by the community to spark economic growth and to enhance job creation. Well folks, this is it. There is no "Everyone". There are little misinformed groups like this Brownsville Cheezmeh who are more concerned with attacking politicians during this election in stead of embracing an opportunity that would change the dynamics of how foreign visitors visit here.

If you recorded the complete event please give more time to the against comments from the citizens,you are showing only the mayor's arguments

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