Touched by Oprah

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 3:00pm

A Seattle restaurant is still reaping the benefits of being recommended by Oprah seventeen years ago.

Ezell Stephens began cooking chicken more than 40 years ago as a teen in texas.

In 1994, Oprah came to Seattle and asked for some good fried chicken.

Ezell's delivered chicken and sweet potato pie two nights in a row.

She endorsed the restaurant on her show and sales jumped five fold!

Two months later, Oprah called Ezell to serve chicken at her 40th birthday party.

And she convinced music producer Quincy Jones to try some during a jazz festival in

17 years later, they're still clamoring for Ezell's.

"It's been amazing ever since. People still come into this store right away and say: Is this Oprah's chicken? Hey, they're coming to get some of Oprah's chicken! And I agree with them, it's Oprah's chicken!" said Stephens.

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