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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 8:50am

Over a month before Halloween, toy makers point out holiday must-haves.

Even though it's more than a month from Halloween, toymakers are already pointing out this year's holiday must haves.

Singamigigs could become a holiday must have, according to google's trendspotters.

Online searches for the colorful toys that sing when you push their tummies have doubled since July.

They come in a set of four, and can even harmonize.

Zeroing in on what could become this year's hot sellers is an important question in the multi-billion dollar toy industry.

Google spikes for Hasbro’s latest version of its popular Nerf dart blasters show a 17-hundred percent increase over the past month since the company unveiled the toy.

Toys R Us has its own predictions.

Its annual hot list for the holidays includes squishy pencil toppers, monstrous fashion dolls and collectible critters along with 33 other toys expected to wow kids.

Even though shoppers are expected to be thrifty with gift buying again this year, forecasters predict a modest two percent increase in holiday sales over last season.

Non-store sales could be a bright spot with a projected 15% increase.

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