Tons of supplies make way for Cuba from RGV

Tons of supplies make way for Cuba from RGV
Monday, July 21, 2014 - 4:53pm

A church group is defying federal law and bringing tons of aid to Cuba.  

The Pastors for Peace will leave for Mexico Tuesday morning.  It will load medical and school supplies as well as bikes and wheelchairs onto buses. They are headed toward Tampico, Mexico where a boat will take the supplies the rest of the way. 

The group disagrees with the U.S.'s blockade of Cuba and this is its way of protesting. 

"Our younger Cuban Americans that are saying, we want to be able to travel to Cuba," said Gail Walker of Pastors for Peace. "We want to be able to visit with our families there, and have an interchange and an exchange and I think it's a really exciting time... We go without requesting a license, because we don't feel that a license is necessary."

The group of 45 people making the trip will stay for a week before returning. Pastors for Peace has made the trip 25 times previously.

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