Tis The SeasonWhen Theyre Ready

Monday, November 22, 2010 - 7:57am

A department store giant is bucking the trend yet again this year on when to break out the Christmas decorations.

It's a common complaint heard for decades: retailers launch Christmas shopping campaigns earlier and earlier each year.

Even consumer advocates complain that the rush to cash in on Christmas means Thanksgiving simply gets overlooked.

"You should not be slave any longer to the retailers' shopping schedule”, declares Consumer Reports Editor-in-Chief Kim Kleman. “I think you should own your own Thanksgiving."

But it's not an issue at Nordstrom; their halls are never decked with boughs of holly before the turkey is served.

"It's simple. We want to celebrate each holiday in its entirety until we start the next holiday", says Kenneth Ma, a Nordstrom store manager.

It's a longstanding tradition for the Seattle-based retailer to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to debut decorations for Christmas.

Notices to that effect have been going up in its display windows, and to the delight of an appreciative public.

"I prefer seeing it after Thanksgiving. Give us time to be thankful, for a day at least”, says shopper Dee Dolby.

Foregoing a chance to boost the bottom line, Nordstrom sticks with tradition and probably gets the boost anyway.

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