Tis the Season for Counterfeit Money

Friday, December 2, 2011 - 10:09am

AUSTIN - Tis the season for shopping, but it's also prime time for counterfeiters to use fake money at stores.

Danny Waxler is with the Austin based company Confida and he says you'll see counterfeit money more often during the Holidays because clerks and many temps are unfamiliar with spotting fake cash. He stated, "They have no problem making a 30-45 minutes to see a line of 15 people deep and they know that clerk is pressed and in a hurry. Trust the gut if something doesn't feel right, get a manager and check it, most managers are trained to evaluate if a bill is good or not."

Waxler says the scamming will continue after the Holidays as people try to get away with return fraud.

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