Tips to Prevent Being Stung by a Bee

POSTED: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - 8:22am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:32am

Here are some tips to keep you safe from bee stings.

First, avoid attracting bees experts suggest you stay away from fragrances, hair spray, scented soaps lotions and oils. Second, try to avoid wearing bright colors or floral patterns and keep an eye on your food especially sodas. Bees will be attracted to the sweet scent and sometimes hide out inside the cans.

If a bee lands on you try not to frighten them because they will sting you, so just stand still, gently blowing on the bee can get them to fly away.

If you are outdoors for long periods of time make sure you wear shoes, long pants and a hat. Bees are less likely to sting if they don't see hair.

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