Three Year Olds Wanted, School Program Shoots Three Year Olds To Head of Class


POSTED: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 1:04pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 7:07am

LA JOYA - Francheska Machain is already in school and she's only 3 years old. She's part of a unique program that helps educate 3 year olds whose parents are migrant workers.

"This is the first year that I traveled. We went to Storm Lake, Iowa to de-tassel corn," said Dulce Machain, Mother.

Migrant workers are people who travel a certain part of the year to get work that's normally in the agricultural industry. And because of this life style, many kids are forced to go to school in two different schools throughout the year.

"The migrant population is at a higher risk of dropping out because of the high mobility. going to different states and different curriculums, different standards," said Jose Flores, La Joya ISD Migrant Director.

This program gets these 3 year olds ahead of the learning curve.

"Yes definitely, I see already some students, who are already GT," said Martha Arechiga, Migrant Student Teacher.

Students learn math, science, social studies and dual language.

"There are some that are all Spanish, but at the end of the year they come out speaking English, so it is a really good program because we actually teach in both languages," said Arechiga.

Right now the migrant program is going on at six elementary schools in the La Joya School District, but administrators said there is plenty of room for more.

To enroll your child or if you have any questions, call the La Joya ISD Central Office at 956-580-5434.

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