Thousands on Waiting List Prompt IDEA Public Schools to Open New Campus

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 9:20am

The popularity and success of IDEA public schools has resulted in a new campus being built here in Brownsville in order to accommodate those who are looking to take advantage of what the unique school system has to offer.

The dress code is a little more strict, they tolerate less bad behavior and the classes are a little smaller, all of which may result in a better learning environment.

"You know the teachers, the teachers know the parents, you know them since they start from the beginning," says IDEA Frontier parent, Maria Hernandez

Hernandez has two children in the academy or elementary school and one child in the college prep or high school at IDEA frontier.

As of now the combined campus has around thirteen-hundred students, and about two thousands more are waiting to get on the list to get into the school.

"District wide there's 14-thousand students waiting to get on the lists so because of that we need to open a new school," says IDEA Frontier College Prep principal, Jill Koehler

The reasoning behind the quickly growing popularity of the school, according to school administrators, is largely because of their ultimate mission.

"Our mission is that we send 100-percent of our graduates to college," adds the principal.

The IDEA charter schools position themselves in areas where families may be faced with economic hardships. Koehler says many of these kids when they come in to IDEA Frontier don't always believe college is within reach, but quickly see higher education is attainable.

That's something that attracted Hernandez to this school in the first place.

"I didn't have the privilege to go to college; I want my kids to go to college,” says the mother of three.

Not only do the graduation rates and number of college bound students prove the district is doing something right, but so do their test scores which have gained them recognition.

"Right now IDEA College Prep in Brownsville is the only exemplary high school in Brownsville and the only exemplary middle school in Cameron county."

With the new campus, IDEA Brownsville, set to open in August 2012 off of Paredes Line, some of those students on the waiting list for IDEA Frontier will have the opportunity to start at the new charter school. School officials also hope to attract new students from the Cameron Park area.

The school will initially start with only kinder through second grades and sixth grade and then add a grade to both the academy and college prep each year.

For more information on the new IDEA Brownsville campus, or how to enroll your child, you can visit their website at

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