Theres A Squirrel In My Toilet

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 11:45am

Woman finds a squirrel in her toilet and calls 911!

Lurking in the leaves, a nutty little intruder.

The owner of an Edmond, Oklahoma home discovered a squirrel swimming in the toilet.

It was one of the most bizarre requests for help these 9-1-1 dispatchers have ever heard.

DISPATCHER: What's going on there ma'am?

CALLER: I have some kind of animal in the toilet in my bathroom.

DISPATCHER: Like, what's it look like?

CALLER: Well, it's gray. That's all I can tell you. I didn't look real good because it scared me to death. I'm sorry.

DISPATCHER: But it's not like one of your animals like a cat or something?

CALLER: No. My cat is in my office, behaving herself.

DISPATCHER: Okay ma'am. Well, I will get a police officer over there to see if they can help you figure out what's going on for you okay?

CALLER: Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Officer Derek Kennedy was the first to respond.

“As soon as I saw the squirrel I knew I needed back up immediately…” Joked Kennedy

Cell phone camera rolling, Kennedy and his partner would spent the next several minutes trying to corral this intimidating creature.

“We wrangled up some snake tongs, a dog kennel. After a 5-minute chase, and him chasing us, we caught him…” said Kennedy

The Edmond cops then released him in the park across the street.

It's a mystery how the squirrel got inside in the first place. Police speculate it may have crawled through the sewer drain.

Animal control officers say these cases are extremely rare. But if you're worried about a squirrel jumping out of your toilet, you might want to look, before you leak.

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