The Hero Next Door

Friday, May 20, 2011 - 3:02pm

Teen saves apartment building from fire.

A Newport News, Virginia family is lucky to be alive after a fire came dangerously close to destroying their home Thursday night.

While it's usually firefighters who save the day, this time, it was a 17-year-old who many are calling a hero.

When we hear "fire" our instinct is to run out of any building or house we're in, but 17-year-old Jordan Jones did just the opposite.

After seeing heavy smoke and flames, he picked up a hose, jumped on his roof and began battling the flames.

Jones was playing catch outside when he noticed heavy, black smoke coming from his apartment building.

As the flames inched closer to his upstairs' bedroom, the Denbeigh High School sophomore sprung into action.

"So I went around, grabbed the water hose, and I took it through the house and I hopped on top of the roof and started spraying where I saw the fire," Jordan explained.

His family watched in shock as the teen fearlessly worked to put out the flames.

"I was worried about him being on the roof, not being a professional. But he did save the day," said Jones' great aunt Juanita Jones.

Fire crews arrived a short time later and relieved Jordan.

Still, they say what he did was crucial in keeping the flames from spreading.

"I was proud of him because they saved, he saved our lives and our house. We wouldn't have a home to return to if it wasn't for him," Jordan's grandmother Dorothy Jones said.

If you ask Jordan he'll tell it was no big deal.

"I don't really feel like a hero I just made sure nothing else burned down," he said.

Fire officials have ruled the fire accidental and say it started in the attic.

As for Jordan, his family says he now wants to be a firefighter.

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