The Bickering Begins

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 8:27am

Republicans attack President Obama's jobs bill as "not serious".

President Obama promised to fight for his new jobs plan, and he did it today in Ohio.

To sell his jobs plan, President Obama went to Fort Hayes High School.

The school district would get some of the $85 billion the president wants to repair schools, roads and bridges.

"There are millions of unemployed construction worker who are looking for a job, so my question to
Congress is: What on Earth are we waiting for?" he said.

The president was in Republican territory, next to the Congressional district of House Speaker John Boehner, who's opposing how Democrats would pay for their jobs plan by limiting tax deductions.

"We see permanent tax increase put into effect in order to pay for temporary spending," Boehner complained.

Republicans stepped up another attack, based on the Boeing Dreamliner.

They're charging the president with killing jobs.

Boeing's plans to build its new plane in a new plant in South Carolina is being blocked by the Labor Relations Board, which ruled the move to a right to work state is retaliation by Boeing against its unions in Seattle.

Those unions back Democrats.

Meanwhile, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office today backed the Obama jobs plan.

"Cuts in taxes or increases in spending in the near term will spur output and employment," CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told members of Congress.

The White House has indicated that if Congress wants to pass part of the jobs bill, the president would sign it and keep pushing the rest.

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