Thats NOT What I Ordered

Friday, September 23, 2011 - 9:01am

A 14-year-old boy got quite a surprise when he received what he thought was a package he'd ordered online.

An unexpected delivery landed on the doorstep of a teenage boy in Bourne, Massachusetts.

Connor Whelihan thought he was ordering paintball supplies, but instead he got adult material.

The 14-year-old boy thought the whole thing was a practical joke.

“I don’t order enhancement pills or body oil or DVDs or anything, so...”, said Connor.

But that’s exactly what he got in the mail instead of a new barrel he had ordered for his paintball gun.

“It wasn’t like I ordered a brush and got a comb. It was, he ordered a barrel for a paintball gun and got male enhancement stuff in the mail, so a 14-year-old kid,” said Debra Whelihan, Connor’s mother.

Inside the package a DVD labeled “For Men Only,” boxes of Viagra and performance enhancing oils.

“At first I guess it was embarrassing, things I was opening up in front of my mom and my brother was also standing right next to me,” said Connor.

Connor ordered the barrel online from the site, which is believed to be based in Vancouver, Wash.

The package seems completely legitimate -- the Whelihan’s name and on the address label.

“There was no packing slip in the box. There were just these items and a bag with somebody else’s name on it,” said Debra.

The name on that bag says “Ship To: Tokyo Nerimaku.”

“I got this and some guy in, what, Tokyo has my barrel,” said Connor.

Connor did get his money back.

Debra said when they called the company it didn’t take any responsibility or give an explanation for the mix-up.

Connor insists that he will be getting a new barrel, but will order it from a different company.

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