Texas Wildfires

Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 10:04am

Some progress to report in the battle against wildfires in Texas.

As wildfires continue to burn across Texas, there is some progress to report this morning. Two days of milder weather conditions have enabled firefighters to contain a piece of the most destructive fire, which is burning outside of Austin. As firefighters walked the path of the Bastrop fire flames were gone
in some locations giving team leaders a chance to plan.

Strike Team Leader Tom Nations "we gonna clear all the fuels from around the structures that are still standing, and put out any immediate hotspots and just really scout the area and try to save the ones that are still savable."

But for others, it's already too late. Dan stearns spent the day picking through the wreckage of what was his home. He did find his wedding ring. His house now reduced to ashes, but his family is safe.

Bastrop Resident Dan Stearns says "it's gone, but we'll start over. I'm done crying, let's move on."

Fire crews are moving on as well. With 30% of the Bastrop fire contained, team leaders are hoping to take advantage of calm conditions expected to last at least another day.

Tom Nations says "if the temperatures will stay down a bit, it'll help the firefighters and I think we can probably get a handle on this, the forestry service can get a good handle on this."

But firefighters across Texas face a long battle ahead. More than 170 fires have broken out over the last seven days. Crews from as far away as California and Oregon and working around the clock.

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