Texas Senate Committee to Debat Senate Bill on Sanctuary Cities

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 8:20am

The only one of Governor Perry's emergency items, to fail in the regular session, has found new life in the special session.

A bill to ban so-called sanctuary cities came before a Senate committee on Monday reopening a controversial immigration debate. Senators heard testimony from law enforcement groups on the bill that would allow police and local governments to legally question the immigration status of people they detain. Governor Perry has long shown his support to use such methods to battle illegal immigration in Texas. Even labeling the City of Houston as a sanctuary city and saying others exist in the state.

Many police groups have opposed the bill, as they say it would increase their workload, and damage their relationship with the immigrant community. Other groups say the bill unfairly targets the Hispanics illegal or not. The advocacy group, Reform Immigration for Texas Association, met at the Capitol Monday to deliver hundreds of letters against SB 9 written to lawmakers in hopes of swaying their opinion. The Republican backed bill is expected to pass in the special session as the GOP has a strong majority in both chambers and would need fewer votes this time around.

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