Texas PTA Sends Message to Governor Perry

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - 10:30am

Don't Make Cuts in Education

Members of the Texas PTA hit the road this week. They were in El Paso yesterday. Today, they stopped in the Valley and they're making their way up north to send a message to the Governor, “Don't make cuts in education.”

Children are the future, not only in the state of Texas but in the entire nation and the world. And according to these PTA members, cutting funds in the education system will only affect children from having brighter futures.

Janine Deal is a mother of two, both going to middle school. She’s also involved with PTA. When she heard about the potential cuts in education, she panicked, not only for her children, but for all the children in the Valley.

"I thought, oh God no. Not more kids falling through the cracks because that's where my heart is. I don't want to see this kids dropping out. I don't want to see these kids making bad decisions, bad choices, you know."

For this reason, Texas PTA Vice President, Karen Slay, and other members, made the choice to go to different cities to voice their big education concern.

"I think they're putting the school districts in a position and our students in a position that we will pay for it years to come. There is not a school district or a student that won't be touched by these budget cuts."

Superintendent for the Harlingen Consolidated School District, Steve Flores, tells News Center 23, the district has made cuts but not in areas that heavily impact students or their teachers.

"Our priority has been the classroom. We have not cut teachers, we have not cut programs that directly impact the classroom and we'll continue to do that."

He’ll continue to avoid cutting from the classrooms as long as the district is capable. The district has been able to tap into other departments but it has been a challenge, Flores says.

During each stop, Texas PTA will call on Governor Perry to secure funding and authorize the use of the rainy day fund for education, but they can't do it alone. Texas PTA urges all parents to speak up, call the governor and voice their education concerns.

"Governor Perry, please fund our future."

The last stop for the Texas PTA will be Austin tomorrow.

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