Texas parents of slain girl ask: "Why?"

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 9:10am

Texas authorities shoot a suspect accused in the kidnapping and murder of a little girl.

The parents of a murdered little girl in Texas are trying to come to grips that a neighbor is accused of abducting and murdering their beloved daughter.

Reporter Todd Unger explains how police say DNA evidence points to the 17-year-old neighbor...a neighbor shot in the head by police when they moved into make an arrest.

As investigators spent another day yanking out critical pieces of evidence from Tyler Holder's home, two doors down the question tonight simply remains: Why?

He was just this kid I would see hanging out after dark.

For the first time since the Gallagher family learned police believe it was holder who snatched up and murdered their adorable little daughter Alanna, the family is speaking out.

I can't imagine anyone normal, any normal good human being hurting Alanna. And to find out that maybe we'd been living just a couple of doors down from someone who was turning into much of a human monster, is a scary to think about.

Court documents obtained by News 8 link Holder to Alanna's death through DNA and other physical evidence.

When task force members arrived at his door step yesterday for an arrest Holder refused to cooperate and opened fire.

The Gallagher's were stunned and when they heard an Arlington police officer was shot, heartbroken all over again.

That is someone that's paid the price of making the neighborhood safer. I really appreciate what he was willing to do.

But the heroics won't bring back their precious six-year-old.

And they still say the one question they want answered. The one thing they'll always wonder. Is why their life was forced to change in an instant.

There's a lot of moments when you still think this can't have happened.. surely, I'm gonna wake up and I'll be back to my life. And you don't wake up.

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