Texas man dies from killer bee attack

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 9:27am

Tragedy strikes after a Texas man is attacked by a swarm of killer bees. Larry Goodwin was doing basic yard work when he unknowing upset a hive on his neighbor's property.

Neighbors and emergency responders attempted to save the 62 year-old man, but they were too late, Chris Davis has the story.

Sisters Tanya Goodwin and Kelley Flores never expected to lose their dad the way they did, "When we got to him, he was purple, he had numerous, thousands and thousands of bee stings on his face and arms."

Larry Goodwin wasn't even allergic, but it didn't matter, he was pronounced dead at the scene, "Horrible to see your day laying there like that and you can't do nothing to help him, CPR, nothing."

As neighbors burn the brush pile where the bees were living, more details about what led to the attack. "Goodwin was working on consolidating an old brush pile that was sitting right here when he pushed an old chicken coop into the pile. Now, unfortunately, that's where the bees were living. He lifted the whole hive and disturbed them all and they just came swarming out of there and attacked him on his tractor."

John Puckett was out of town at the time. He got a call saying his daughter and allergic wife had rushed to help receiving a hundred stings between them, "I came pretty close to losing my family. That's all that was going through my mind."

In Tanya's and Kelley's minds, shock and grief for their dad, who celebrated his 62nd birthday, just two days ago.

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