Texas Health Department Dropping Rabie Vaccines Along the Border

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 11:05am

RIO GRANDE VALLEY - It's that time of year when the Texas Health Department drops rabies vaccines along the border.

The baits are fro grey foxes and coyotes and every year the size of the drop zone shrinks more and more which has some people concerned that not enough wildlife are being vaccinated. Dr. Laura Robinson with the Texas Department of Health says, "The last cases were in May of 2009, so we think that we may have eliminated the fox strain of rabies and in 2007 the CDC had declared that we had eliminated the coyote strain of rabies from Texas and the United States."

To make sure the strain doesn't come back a 30 mile strip, along the border, will continually be vaccinated every year even if cases continue to be non-existent.

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