Texas female cop shot in the face, pursues suspect

Friday, November 1, 2013 - 1:19pm

One tough cop: female officer shot in face, then she goes after suspects in high-speed chase.

A Texas police officer didn't let a bullet to the face stop her from doing her job.

Undeterred, she went on a high-speed chase after a car full of suspects.

And it was all caught on dash-cam.

"Shots fired. Shots fired. I'm hit."

This dramatic dash cam video shows the terrifying moments right after Stafford Police Officer Ann Carrizales made a routine traffic stop around 4am Saturday. As she approaches the car, a passenger suddenly pulls out his gun and shoots her twice, according to police.

"I'm still conscious."

One bullet hit her police vest, the other pierced her face. Wounded and in serious pain, police say she managed to return fire before getting back in her car and pursuing the suspects in a high speed car chase.

"We went over Greenbriar onto Trinity."

Despite her injuries, Carrizales, a former Marine, chased the suspects for 7 minutes through the streets near Houston.

"I was born to be a protector, I always have been a protector."

"I was shot by the driver side passenger."

Ending when the three men in the car ran into an apartment building.

The alleged 21 year-old shooter, Sergio Rodrigues, was taken into custody. Police say the other two men on the run are 28 year old Freddy Henriquez, a suspected gang member considered to be armed and dangerous, and a man who goes by the name Daniel Cruz.

As Carrizales got out of her cruiser, other officers rush to her aid. Look closely and you can see where the bullet apparently went straight through her cheek. She was rushed to the hospital and is now recovering at home with her family.

"I just want to give myself some time to relax and kind of feel the beauty of life that I was blessed to have."

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