Texas Consinders Penalty Change for Sexting by Kids

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - 9:31am

Under current Texas law, pictures like these, of underage teens, could result in a felony child pornography charge against the sender.

It's all related to an ever growing practice, known as sexting; teens sending nude or semi nude photos via cell phone to one another. Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbot and Senator Kirk Watson have announced an initiative to soften the penal ties of sexting to just a misdemeanor.

The lawmaker still pushes for punishment of this illegal crime, but he and the Attorney General feel the punishment should appropriately fit the crime. A number of the teen sexters, across the Lone Star State, have found themselves in big legal trouble and classified as life long sex offenders. Brownsville Municipal Judge Ben Neece believes the proposed initiative will definitely crack down on sexting and force consequences with out ruining a child's life for a bad decision they made during their youth.

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