Texas Commissioner of Education visits local schools

Friday, October 4, 2013 - 8:40am

The Texas Commissioner of Education paid a visit to several school districts in the Valley as part of his "Tour of Texas" Na'tassia Finley reports he's taking what he learns here and taking it back to Austin.

Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams, is touring schools throughout the state to get a first hand look at what's going on in public schools.

He dropped in at Yturria Elementary before visiting Veterans high school and stated, "I've seen some fantastic programs in terms of careers tech, interesting things folks are doing when English is not their first language. I've seen some exciting things in terms of what we're doing with young kids, providing them with various experiences, different kinds of experiences they might out of otherwise have had."

Williams visited several classrooms, spoke with teachers, even had one on one conversations with students. The tour at Veterans ended with the commissioner speaking to leaders of the high school, "Is there anything that we ought to be doing in Austin, I know you don't think that much about Austin, thankfully, that we are not doing?"

He tells NewsCenter 23 he plans on taking what he picks up from these visits back to the Texas Education Agency, "We are going to have to continue to make sure we have an accountability system that recognizes the good things that are happening in the classroom, but also the things that may not be going so well and to make sure we put the resources in school such that teachers do what they are called to do."

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