Texas Border Coalition Unhappy with President's Union Speech

Friday, January 27, 2012 - 9:23am

RIO GRANDE VALLEY - The Texas Border Coalition say their not happy with the State of Union address given by our Commander in Chief, President Obama.

Members of this group believe the president failed to address a very important issue, how to combat drug smuggling and other crimes, that threaten our national security on a day to day basis. The members of the Border Coalition are concerned that Homeland Security has still not developed an active strategy to better protect the border. Texas Border Security Chairwoman Monica Wisberg Stewart stated, "We believe it is the utmost importance that we stop talking about border security and we start doing something about it. It's time for  him to put the funding where funding is available, the general account office has said we need six thousand in manpower, dressed in blue, these are our customs and border protection men and women who are out there working diligently in order to protect our border. And we need $6 billion dollars in infrastructure and technology needs."

TBC works closely with the state and federal government to educate, advocate and secure funding for transportation, port of entry, workforce, education and healthcare.

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