Texas and Maryland governors battling over Beretta gun company

Friday, September 20, 2013 - 11:27am

Two states are battling each other over jobs as Texas Governor Rick Perry went to Maryland on Wednesday in hopes of getting the Beretta gun company to his state.

Governor Perry's trip to Maryland is sparking a national debate over what policies are best to grow an economy. Governor Perry, of course, is a Republican from Texas where the state prides itself in being business friendly.

Maryland is a state run by Democrats and that has prompted criticism for Republicans as being unfriendly to businesses. However, Maryland's governor says his state is a leader in education and entrepreneurship.

Governor Perry stated, In the State of Texas we have been the fastest growing state in the nation. Thirty percent of all the jobs created in America, in the last ten years, have been in Texas. It didn't happen by accident."

Maryland Governor O'Malley commented, "The Governor of Texas has followed an economic model that is based on very low paying and apparently ever lower paying, minimum wage jobs. In Maryland, we believe that a stronger Maryland depends on a stronger middle class, so we're building our economy from the middle out."

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