Texas Alcohol Boom

Monday, June 13, 2011 - 6:59am

Liquor-making business in Texas is booming.

Move over Grey Goose, Titos is gobbling up market share of the vodka business nationwide. And it's hardly the only Texas-made spirit making a name for itself.

At liquor stores like Monticellos on Central Expressway, the rows of bottles on the shelves come from all over the world. But more and more, everything from vodka to rum is made right here in Texas.

Customer Packy Watson says "I think it's great. I think Texas ought to be in the liquor business."

Owner Mike O'Halloran can hardly keep up with the new brands.

Liquor store owner Mike O'Halloran says "every time I turn around they have a new one."

Titos vodka isn't so new, but just recently, O'Halloran says it's become a hot seller. Mike says "this man is the biggest selling vodka in our store."

For years, Texas has been known for its own beer and even its own wine. But now, it's Texas-made spirits that are really taking off."

At Garrison Brothers outside Austin, they're making the first legal bourbon in Texas. A few years ago, Dan Garrison turned part of his cattle ranch into a 24-hour-a-day, 6-day-a-week distillery using Texas rain right from the roof.

Dan Garrison says "it's authentic, it's the real deal, we do it all by hand, every single bottle that we produce, we've made ourselves and it's a lot of work."

A LOT of work, grinding grain from the Texas panhandle, cooking it, fermenting it, and putting the brand new batch of bourbon into barrels.

Dan says "we do it from corn to cork."

Customer Ben Richbourg says "this is the only Texas liquor I've tried."

Customers like Ben Richbourg like the taste and the price.

Ben says "I don't know much about vodka. But my favorite used to be grey goose. But I'm getting the same amount for about two-thirds the price buying Titos. So you know what? I'm pretty happy with this."

Mike says "our economy is great and and we got a lot of pride, so drink up, you know?"

Drink up and these days, chances are, you're drinking to Texas.

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