Testimony Resumes In Anthony Trial

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 3:52pm

Jury returns after a day cut short by frustrated Judge Belvin Perry.

The Casey Anthony murder trial continued Tuesday with new twists and turns.

Testimony from a forensic botanist initially seemed to contradict the prosecution's notion that Caylee Anthony's body had been left in the woods for months before being discovered,
but in cross-examination Dr. Jane Bock was forced to concede the body could have been left in the swampy woods for a lot longer than the two weeks she initially stated.

The next twist in the case came outside the presence of the jury when prosecutors revealed a new investigation sparked by a phone tip last week concerning an inmate in a cell adjacent to Anthony's in the Orange County Jail.

"The name of the witness is April Waylon. Apparently her child died in a swimming pool and was found by the child's grandfather," said prosecutor Linda Drane.

The situation shares strong similarities with the scenario alleged by Defense Attorney Jose Baez explaining how Caylee Anthony may have died.

During his opening statement Diaz claimed Caylee Anthony drowned in her family's pool.

Investigators say Waylon did not speak directly with Casey Anthony.

They are still trying to determine if she may have heard the story from someone else in the jail.

Prosecutors say they don't plan to call Waylon as a witness, but that they could change those plans, especially if Casey Anthony takes the stand.

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