Terror In Tuscaloosa

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 9:46am

Gunman turns himself in after opening fire on bar patrons.

The gunman who opened fire on a crowded bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Monday night is in custody.

44-year-old Nathan Van Wilkins turned himself in after an intense manhunt.

17 people were hurt, most by gunfire.

Two were critically wounded.

Security video shows Wilkins carrying an assault rifle outside the bar, then and opening fire on those inside.

Most of those inside the Copper Top bar were students from the nearby University of Alabama.

Witnesses say there were two distinct, separate bursts of gunfire.

Police believe Wilkins had a particular victim in mind when he started shooting.

"We believe, based on what we've seen on the video, that there was possibly the targeting of an individual who was inside the bar or who the shooter thought was inside the bar," Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson said after the man was taken into custody.

After the shooting Wilkins walked back down the street, the same way he arrived.

For the next 12 hours he was the target of an intense manhunt, until he turned himself in Tuesday afternoon by walking into a business in a small town north of Tuscaloosa and telling employees there he was the one police were looking for.

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