Terrell murders, surveillance video

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 8:38am

Texas authorities are investigating a deadly crime spree in Terrell. Charles Brownlow Jr. is accused of killing five people Monday night, including his mother and aunt, but two other people say they could have easily been victims too. Jobin Panicker has their stories of how they came face to face with the accused killer.

It's a service Cindy Vazquez will not forget the night she helped Charles Brownlow find his seat here at Dos Aces, all caught on surveillance at 9:47 p.m.

The same man who police say went on a rampage and killed five people in Terrell, including his aunt and mother.

Cindy Vazquez, "He looked like he was using drugs, because I couldn't understand him very well when he was talking."

Brownlow was asking for someone, but that person was not there, but a good friend happened to be there, a man who goes by Dre, "When he came in here I had my back turned. So I looked and I said 'Oh God!'"

Dre says by that time a lot of people had pieced together that Brownlow was the suspect. Police say he had already killed two people and after leaving Dos Aces would take three more lives.

So Dre immediately called police and was placed on hold for several minutes, "So the cops were at the house when I called!"

He admits he hid from the suspect. Brownlow left his table number 14 rather quickly.

Cindy Vasquez, "No, he entered and when I turned around he was gone."

He left for Ali's Market, it is there Luis Leal was shot and killed. Police documents share the murder in cold blood, "Upon review of the video it was determined that Brownlow had stolen beer from the business after committing the murder."

Dre, "It's sad...everybody's sad...because everyone that died was my friend. Everybody!"

And every move the suspect made that night is under scrutiny and has a friend, a server, even the community asking, why?

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