Teens party & trash ex-NFL player's home

Friday, September 20, 2013 - 4:17pm

A former NFL playing is still waiting for an apology from hundreds of drunken teens.

A former NFL player is cleaning up his upstate New York after hundreds of drunken teenagers trashed it over Labor Day.

But Brian Holloway and the authorities know who must of the teens are after they posted their antics on social media.

It's Labor Day weekend and Brian Holloway is about 1200 miles away from his farmhouse in upstate New York when he learns there's a party going on there and he wasn't even invited!


Holloway is too, as he watches it all unfold in real time on his twitter feed.

Holloway is in Tampa, Florida on this night when his son and a friend start funneling him tweets from the party-goers, mugging for the camera taking 'selfie' photos in the bathroom, and dancing on the kitchen counter! All from inside Holloway's house.

We started listening to these tweets.

I can't believe we're in the house.

I can't believe how we trashed it.

I can't believe how much alcohol is here.

We're going to be partying for three days.

I can't believe she's passed out.

Look at her over there.

This is an amazing night.

I can't believe they're on meth.

Give me some of those drugs

Some of the more memorable tweets: "yeaaah, it's like so trashed." "can not get over this, did a keg stand" and "yeah mom i went to a party and got drunk but hey at least i'm not a meth addict right?"

In all, 300 teenagers are at Holloway's home causing at least $20,000 in damage.

They tear the place apart. Punching holes in walls, spraying graffiti everywhere, scratching the floors with kegs, even urinating inside.

And through it all, stupidly documenting nearly all of their antics!

They also help themselves to whatever isn't nailed down including this statue of an eagle which had been on Holloway's grandson's headstone.

Desperate to save his home, Holloway, a former NFL player with the New England Patriots, quickly calls police, who rush over. When they arrive, more tweets from the uninvited guests:

"Busted or not, it was still the best party in the 518 of the summer"... 'Crazyyyyy ass night" and "pigs showed up with k9's and i was out yo"

What makes this even worse, Brian Holloway recognizes many of the kids partying at his home.

They are friendly with his son and have been to the house before when holloway actually was there and invited them!

The teenagers stayed overnight Holloway would make them hotdogs and burgers and 100's of pancakes in the morning.

At those parties, he says, there was never any alcohol or drugs.

Now back at his home, Holloway is getting his home repaired, and you might say getting even.

He's turning the tables on these teenagers and teaching them a thing or two about the power of social media.

On his newly-minted website- "Help me save 300.com," Holloway posts tweets identifying about 200 or so teens from the party.

It's not out of spite, he says, but a call for action to turn the 'moment' into a 'movement' and create a dialogue about teens behaving badly and drugs.

But some parents are actually upset with Holloway's postings.

I don't really know how to respond to a woman who says I'm mad at you actually because you put my son's picture up there.

I'm going well actually he's at my house and he's robbing and breaking in and drinking and doing drugs and you're upset with me posting the picture that he posted on Twitter.

In another attempt at good will, Holloway invited the party-goers to his home to help clean up and own up to what they did.

Only one teenager who attended the party showed up.

Holloway says that was like a slap in the face.

But on a bright note, remember that the eagle statue that'd been stolen? The one from his grandson's headstone, it was in a party pic that was posted. Well it was returned. So maybe, after all of this, one of these teens must've discovered their conscience.







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