Teens Charged with Murder, Claim Kill Tied to Drug Cartel


POSTED: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 8:42am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 3, 2011 - 3:26am

Seventeen year olds, Eric Hernandez and Roberto Ortega are accused of murdering another Brownsville teen, 17 year old Jose Araujo .

It happened last week, but it wasn't until Sunday that his body was found.

Tuesday morning the accused went before a Brownsville judge to face first degree murder charges.

Police say the teen went missing last Wednesday. The family who lives at Los Cedros Apartments filed a missing persons report with BPD and began their own search.

"Family members were out looking for the victim being that it was not his usual self," says Eddie Garcia, PIO for the Brownsville Police Department.

Family tells police Aruajo would always check in and let them know of his whereabouts.

It was just a few hundred yards from the apartment building that the victim's body was found by a family member, with at least one gunshot wound.

Police say the three teens were acquaintances, they all lived at the Los Cedros apartments. The day the victim went missing Police say the other two lured him to a wooded area near the apartments and shot him, leaving him for dead.

Through their investigation police pin pointed Hernandez and Ortega. While being interviewed, investigators say the teens implicated themselves in the murder and claim it was drug cartel related. Authorities cannot confirm that just yet, however, it is something they are looking into to try and determine a motive.

This case remains open, an autopsy has been ordered on the victim.


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U guys must be related to him.u must b low life's like them u and them should of just stayed in school said no to drugs n b something in life pero no...

I'm with this girl too from what I was told... N I know Robert n his family n I believe he didn't do it... I hope u guys find out what really happen... You of all ppl should know that some ppl do get threaten by the cartels...

Robert ortega hasn't done anything even though he says he is he's not there threating him to kill his family if he doesnt take the blame but he really didnt do it.

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